A Surprise Present Response

This journal entry is to record the reason my husband and I are speaking as little as possible to one another right now, just “yesses” and “no’s” or simple nods or shakes of the head.  See, it all began yesterday when he opened the present I gave him for his birthday.  It was a beautiful terrycloth robe, like those you find in resort hotel suites.  I got one that matched his high school colors, where he played on their basketball team.  I wanted it to look like it was something for the king I thought he was.  I found it in the “Robes” section of the “Bed & Bath” part of the Macy’s website.  I had it delivered to him.  It arrived on his birthday as I wanted.  I submitted the order and a Groupon coupon to take advantage of the 70% off special savings they were offering on Macy’s Bed & Bath products.

And that’s when the whole thing started.  He was surprised when the package arrived, and enthralled when he unwrapped it and saw the robe.  But then he looked around in the package like he was searching for something.  I finally asked him what was the matter.  He looked at me with this real serious expression on his face.

“Well, honey,” he began in a low voice.  “You know this is something I needed for a long time, and I’m glad you got it for me.”  He stopped then continued like he was saying something painful.

“The thing is, I kinda thought you were giving me a present.  See I always thought a present wasn’t supposed to be something a person needed.  So I was looking around for the real present you would be getting me; I just thought this was a precursor or such.”  And he shrugged his shoulders like a kid in one of my 3rd grade classes.

Well, I was so dumbfounded and hurt I was tempted to smack him right there.  Then I saw the smile starting to curl on his lips.  But I refused to let him know his teasing had gotten to me.  So instead I stomped off and left him there even when I heard him calling from the other room.  After all, suppose he’d learned I bought the robe with the Macy’s gift card he’d given me last Mother’s Day?